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The technical research results of the machine tool industry in 2017 are happy

First of all, let's talk about our machine tool industry. The machine tool industry has always been buckled to a low technology hat. In 2017, a number of technical research breakthroughs were made in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.
At the beginning of 2017, by the Qinghai CNC Machine Co. Ltd is led by Lanzhou University of Technology, Wuhan Tianyu software Limited by Share Ltd as a cooperative unit, high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment of major national science and technology projects for high speed vertical and horizontal machining center in Lanzhou by the acceptance subject. Then, in 12th Five-Year the national science and technology support program of advanced manufacturing fields of Tianjin CNC generation of mechanical product innovation demonstration project also came the news. 与此同时,各大机床名企也是捷报频传:
In May, ten meters to take the lead screw grinding machine and Hanjiang Machine Tool of eight meters, ten meters of the whirlwind milling thread dynamic measuring instrument for large, precision, high efficiency, CNC thread processing equipment (2009ZX04001-171), high precision thread processing technology and equipment (2011ZX04003-021) and the rolling function parts industry key technology development and application of (2012ZX04002-011) three national science and technology major projects successfully passed the acceptance.
At the end of May, Longmen high-speed five axis machining center of national science and technology major projects undertaken in the Ji'nan two machine tool, AVIC Xi'an aircraft industry (Group) limited liability company successfully passed the final acceptance of the technology. In June 27th, Ji'nan two machine tool delivered eighth fast stamping line (WSP2) of Ford automobile on schedule. After passing 3 sets of mold test, it passed the final acceptance of customers successfully.
In August, the compound material efficient five axis machining center developed by Shenyang machine tool successfully passed the pre acceptance of important customers in the field of aerospace.
In September 2011, major projects of large size Qinchuan group involved in the development of ultra precision Aspheric Grinding composite processing machine and application technology in Baoji Qinchuan group this project smoothly through the national organization of the special CNC machine tool technology of final acceptance.
In October, 800mm precision horizontal machining center development and domestic components supporting the application project of Sichuan Pushi Ningjiang Machine Tool Co Ltd etc. the unit commitment (project number: 2013ZX04005-012) through the project pre acceptance.
In November, Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., the 04 special heavy duty numerical control single column mobile vertical milling lathe task has been approved by the Ministry of industry and commerce.
In December, the project of R & D of high precision NC cantilever molding machine (project number 2015DFA71480) was completed by water forging press (Group) Co., Ltd., which was completed in cooperation with Italy enterprises.




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