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  • WYP Electro-hydraulic servo press brake
WYP Electro-hydraulic servo press brake

WYP Electro-hydraulic servo press brake

  • 1. High quality with good price
  • 2. 3-year warranty
  • 3. Can be customzied
  • 4. Press brake tooling provided for free
  • Product description:

1. Full steel welding structure, and overall vibration treatment;

2. Electro-hydraulic servo system cooperation with imported linear scale, synchronization is more accurate and bending precision is more higher;

3. Standard is CNC 3+1 axis. Y1, Y2, X, V;

4. Automatic supply of hydraulic deflection, to eliminate effect of cutved shape slider to workpiece quality;

5. Imported integrated hydraulic control system to reduce piping installation, and to overcome the leakage;

6. Adopt imported linear guide way and ball-screw, speed is more faster and accuracy is more higher;

7. The upper mode is selected quickly clamping, reducing labor intensity and improving production efficiency;

8. Optional Holland DELEM system and Switzerland CYBELEC system;

9. According to used needs, back position can control maximum axis number is 6;

10. Optional up mold fast clamping.



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