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The 1000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Can Do What Jobs

1000w fiber laser cutting machine can cut iron plate 12mm, stainless steel 5mm, aluminum plate 3mm, suitable for sheet metal industry, automotive industry, kitchenware industry, advertising industry, lighting industry, etc.
Life is inseparable from bottles and jars. Cutlery and cookware cut and carved with 1000W fiber laser cutters can always increase the joy of cooking and enrich our appetite. Life cannot be separated from metal products, whether used as decorations It is still a gift. Beautiful metal crafts such as metal lampshades, metal models, pendants, etc. cut out by 1000W fiber laser cutting machine always bring a little vitality to your side and bring more fun to your lover.
The shiny, innovatively designed logos and auto parts on the car are many manufactured by 1000w fiber laser cutting machines.

As long as one 1000W fiber laser cutting machine, you can realize your metal dreams. Spread the ever-changing small metal. One machine is more interesting, so that the metal models you can design become a reality, beautiful and wonderful!


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