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The procedure for Laser cutting machine shutdown

I believe that most users of the laser cutting machine start up carefully and use them in accordance with the rules of use. However, after using the laser cutting machine, the shutdown of the laser cutting machine also has a shutdown step. Now the Laser answers for you in detail:
1. Turn the adjustment function counterclockwise to adjust the power to the minimum value.
2. Turn off the electronic shutter of the laser cutting machine in turn Switch-High voltage start switch-Laser start switch.
3. After the turbine stops running, turn on the ManualBackfill button on the laser board.
4. The ManualBackfill light is red. The ManualBackfill light is off, and the recharge is over.
5. Turn off the power of the laser cutting machine-machine tool power-turn off the chiller power, air compressor and dryer power switch in turn.
6. Turn off the working gases of the laser CO2, N2, He, and the auxiliary gas O2- successively, and turn off the air compressor and the dryer.

7. Clean up and arrange the site and CNC machine tools.


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